Warner Bros and Epic Games Partner Up on Fortnite: Deep Breeze Bundle

16 Octubre, 2018, 22:21 | Author: Misty Newman
  • Fortnite Is Getting A $30 Physical Edition On Switch Courtesy Of Warner Bros.

The official Fortnite Twitter account posted: "Launch into patch v6.02 Wednesday, October 10!" Fans haven't particularly been supporters of many explosives, and it would probably be safe to say the Quad Launcher will have to overcome some skeptical thinking.

Just hours it was added to Fortnite, Epic Games announced that a hotfix was introduced for various issues in the mode. It recently popped up in the Fortnite daily news, which gives the indication that it will be arriving soon.

It is likely to work in a similar way to the rocket launcher or grenade launcher but the exact damage and fire rate isn't yet known. You'll do that by claiming and holding dance floors from the enemy team, and first team to fill up their dance bar completely wins.

In this mode, there will be two teams of 50, with respawning activated until the third and last storm circle. It avoided Google Play in favor of providing the game straightly from the own website of Epic Games. Emoting on a dance floor when no enemies are present will raise a disco ball in the center of the floor, and capture it for your team. Once any given dance floor is taken, a "dance bar" will begin to fill.

All for 950 V-Bucks!

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Port-a-Fortress availability lowered from 2.43% to 1.83%. Epic has also made a decision to tweak loot drop rate of several items, such Heavy Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers.

Lastly, performance on both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch has improved.

Increased Epic Guided Missile drop chance from 0.11% to 0.2%.

What's in Fortnite patch notes 6.02? What changes are you most excited about?

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