These enormous shark teeth belonged to the megalodon's cousin

10 Agosto, 2018, 03:46 | Author: Enrique Watson

Found along the Surf Coast in Victoria by a fossil enthusiast named Phillip Mullaly, the teeth measure a stunning 2.7 inches long, and are evidence that the megalodon wasn't the only huge shark prowling around our ancient waters.

The shark, which stalked Australia's oceans around 25 million years ago, feasting on small whales and penguins, could grow more than nine metres long, nearly twice the length of today's great white shark.

A rare set of teeth from a giant prehistoric megashark twice the size of the great white have been found on an Australian beach by a keen-eyed amateur enthusiast, scientists said on Thursday.

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After his initial find, Mullaly worked with a team from the Museums Victoria, the organization that administrates the Melbourne Museum, to uncover nearly 40 teeth in total between December 2017 and January 2018. The find, announced Thursday, marks only the third set of Carcharocles angustidens teeth in the world and the first ever in Australia. Some belonged to other species of shark, but a shocking number of them belong to the Carcharocles angustidens.

He explained that nearly all fossils of sharks worldwide were just single teeth, and it was extremely rare to find multiple associated teeth from the same shark. Even more exciting, the teeth are still largely intact, despite being 25 million years old.

This is because sharks, who have the ability to regrow teeth, lose up to a tooth a day and cartilage, the material a shark skeleton is made of, does not readily fossilise.



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