Bird electric scooters arrive in Cleveland

11 Agosto, 2018, 06:37 | Author: Arnold Perez
  • Bird electric scooters arrive in Cleveland

The deal came after the Los Angeles company quietly introduced 100 of the vehicles in the downtown and Crossroads areas without advance notice. The Plaza's general manager, Meredith Keeler, said because the Plaza is a public space, the city was within its rights to allow Bird in the shopping district.

"The City was not directly involved in the conversation", he said in an email.

The Plaza's management said the Bird ban is because of safety incidents that prompted several complaints.

"Representatives contacted city officials about Bird's presence in Plaza".

Keeler declined to provide details about the safety incidents.

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"They throw them everywhere: in the ocean, in the sand, in the trash can", said Robert Johnson Bey, a Venice Beach maintenance worker who regularly comes across scooter parts on the Venice Beach boardwalk, Speedway and adjoining alleys.

And here are how many Birds are now available around downtown and the near west side.

The interim agreement allows Bird to place up to 500 scooters on streets with the city's permission. And San Francisco was forced to issue permits to a handful of scooter companies to clamp down on the increasing numbers of scooters clogging up the city streets. They got a maximum of 15 mph, last 15 miles on a charge and are only available during the day.

Bird users locate the scooters with an Uber-style smartphone app, pay $1 to unlock them and then 15 cents per minute until they reach their destination.



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