Woman who swapped seats on flight gives play-by-play of possible love connection

06 Julio, 2018, 20:13 | Author: Misty Newman

Netizen Rosey Blair shared on Twitter how she unexpectedly became Cupid when she asked to switch seats with a passenger.

With the flight soon coming to an end, it seems like both people knew it was time to shoot their shot.


She said she heard both the unnamed woman and man - now identified as Holden - say "they're both personal trainers", and later added that the man used to play professional soccer.

On a July 2 flight from NY to Dallas, Blair and her boyfriend apparently swapped seats with a woman so they could sit together. "We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread".

The pair ended up talking the entire flight, and Blair and her boyfriend breathlessly chronicled the encounter on Instagram and Twitter.

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He said: "She's a very, very lovely girl".

Keeping a close eye on all of the subtle arming touchings that were going on, Rosey and her boyfriend speculated that the mystery man may buy his new lady love a drink.

Then a breaking development occurred - the two left for the bathroom at the SAME TIME, leaving Rosey and everyone following the story understandably freaking out about what it could mean. Well, they liked each other enough to talk and touch all flight, follow each other on Instagram, and walk off the flight to get their bags together. The man mentioned that in the past he has been too focused on his fitness to pursue relationships.

When the plane landed, the two went to baggage claim together, with Rosey snapping a picture of them looking very cosy.

To finish off her tweets and sum things up, Rosey simply stated: "They're gonna fall in love, and get married, and have babies!"



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