‘Quadrillion Tons’ Of Diamonds May Be Hiding Under Earth’s Surface

22 Julio, 2018, 06:58 | Author: Enrique Watson
  • More than a quadrillion tons of diamonds to be exact- or one thousand times more than one trillion

But don't expect a diamond rush.

According to experts, an area of the Earth's mantle beneath the joins of the tectonic plates contains over a quadrillion tonnes of diamonds worth an approximate £68.6 septillion (£68,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) at current prices.

"We can't get at them, but still, there is much more diamond there than we have ever thought before".

What the researchers came to is that the presence of diamonds inside the ancient "roots" could explain the sound speed mystery since sound travels faster when diamonds are in the vicinity.

Using that estimate, and the number of known craton roots, the scientists arrived at their quadrillion ton estimate - 1,000 times more than originally thought, according to CNN.

Other universities involved in the study were the University of California at Santa Barbara, the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, the University of California at Berkeley, Ecole Polytechnique, the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Harvard University, the University of Science and Technology of China, the University of Bayreuth, the University of Melbourne, and University College London. The Mir Diamond Mine in Russian Federation, for instance, is the world's second-largest human-made hole and only goes about a third of a mile deep. Sound, the scientist Ulrich Faul told MIT News, travels twice as quickly through this carbon structure "as in the dominant mineral in upper mantle (a part of the lithosphere) rocks, olivine". Craton is denser and denser than the occult around the planets, and produces sounds that are quite fast.

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After this, Faul and others, who used to measure sound velocity through many different types of minerals in the laboratory, used this knowledge to collect the virtual rocks made from various mineral combinations.

"It [also] shows that diamond is not perhaps this exotic mineral, but on the [geological] scale of things, it's relatively common", Faul noted.

Thanks to this method, the scientists managed to notice an unusual behavior of the sound waves while passing through the cratons - they sped up more than it was expected.

Researchers presently trust the Earth's antiquated underground shakes contain no less than 1,000 times more jewel than beforehand anticipated.

It may be hundreds of years until we develop technology capable of mining the diamonds, but it's nice to know there's a jackpot hidden in the earth.



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