Drinking coffee could lower risk of death, study finds

05 Julio, 2018, 09:53 | Author: Earnest Bishop
  • Drinking six cups of coffee per day could cut your risks of dying early by 16%

But the existing literature, including meta-analyses aggregating dozens of coffee studies involving millions of people, do show some notable associations between people who report drinking more coffee and protective effects against cardiovascular disease (the number one killer of Americans) like heart disease and stroke.

Walter Willett from the Harvard School of Public Health reveals in 2015 that the coffee bean is actually packed with nutrients and phyto-chemicals such as lignans, quinides, and magnesium.

The research did not include whether participants drank coffee black or with cream and sugar.

You may have heard about the plant compounds called phytochemicals in coffee; such basic elements remain whether coffee is caffeinated or not, and whether you use a $5,000 espresso machine or you pour some hot water onto some powder.

So the study seems to suggest you can get much the same health benefits from cheap supermarket coffee as from a fancy cup of artisanal terroir coffee. Those who drank around 6 to 7 cups of coffee per day had around a 16 percent lower risk of death, the study found.

The volunteers were mostly British and have different coffee-drinking habits than much of the rest of the world.

"Coffee makes you happy, it gives you something to look forward to in the morning, " said Taylor, a sound engineer from Las Vegas.

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To shed light on these concerns, researchers delved into data from the U.K. Biobank study made up of 500,000 individuals across the U.K. between 2006 and 2010.

"Coffee drinkers, compared with non-coffee drinkers, were more likely to be male, white, former smokers, and drink alcohol", Lotfield's team wrote. Also, what heavy coffee drinking-around six cups or more a day-does to the body also needs further investigation, the authors noted. Overall, coffee drinkers were about 10-15 percent less likely to die than coffee abstainers. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of coffee.

Their analysis showed no extra risk for any genetic variant, however.

Nonetheless, Loftfield's study joins a large group that have found health benefits associated with coffee.

There is also some evidence that coffee helps protect against damage to DNA.

"We observed an inverse association for coffee drinking with mortality, including among participants who reported drinking at least one cup per day, up to eight or more cups per day, as well as those drinking filtered, instant and decaffeinated coffee", said Dr. Erikka Loftfield, the study's lead investigator and a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute, in an email to TIME.

As with any observational study like this though, where people are quizzed on their past and existing habits, we can't definitively say that coffee causes a longer life.


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