Wynne's concession 'difficult' but 'honourable,' local Liberal candidates say

05 Junio, 2018, 03:02 | Author: Earnest Bishop
  • Doug Ford at a table with an interviewer

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is appealing to traditional Liberal voters Friday, saying they should choose her party if they want to avoid a Doug Ford government.

The first-time candidate says a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders, now that the Premier has helped shift the focus of the campaign to stopping a majority government from being elected. After Thursday, I will no longer be Ontario's Premier.

Wynne said she will fight for the tariffs to be repealed and, until then, to make sure Ontario's steel industry has the necessary support to remain competitive.

We at OPSEU know all too well what's at stake, but I'm urging the members of all other unions and voters who value our public services to vote for Andrea Horwath and the NDP, the only choice for progressive Ontarians.

Global spoke with University of Guelph political science professor Tamara Small, who characterized Wynne's move as a selfless attempt to rescue the Ontario Liberal Party from oblivion: "She's saying, 'I'm not going to destroy this organization with my own personal hubris'".

"We say the same thing in every language", said Ford spokesperson Melissa Lantsman.

"On the one end of the spectrum, you have Doug Ford - he's expressed his admiration for Donald Trump, despite the chaos, the uncertainty that the Trump administration has caused Ontario", Wynne said.

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Wynne wouldn't say whether she'd stay on as party leader following the vote.

Standing behind a sign reading simply, "Vote Liberal", instead of her usual sign with her campaign slogan of "Care Over Cuts", Wynne said it's important to return as many Liberals as possible to the legislature to avoid having a majority government. It's about the people of this province.

"That's going to sort itself out - people are going to make that decision ... it's going to be one or the other and let's make sure there are enough Liberals there that there isn't a blank cheque - that there's a check on a majority government".

A week before Ontario residents head to the polls, the three main party leaders are looking for votes across the southern regions of the province Thursday. Her faith in the Liberals was shaken and her vote will go to the NDP, she said. That's because an NDP victory would make the NDP a more credible "progressive alternative" in future elections.

They settled on an accord by which the NDP would agree not to cast non-confidence votes against the Liberal government, headed by Peterson, for two years in return for the Liberals' agreeing to pursue an agenda on which the two parties could agree.

With the election roughly a week away, Wynne travelled to the heart of her NDP rival's riding on Wednesday to portray herself as the only seasoned stateswoman in the campaign capable of rising above the ideological fray. Some polls show the projected Liberal seat count is so low that the party is in danger of losing its official status at Queen's Park.

One could have concluded the NDP had very little likelihood of success in that circumstance, but 13 years later, in 1990, they formed the government.



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