Fallout Vault 76, What to Expect and When to Expect it

05 Junio, 2018, 01:54 | Author: Misty Newman
  • Fallout Vault 76, What to Expect and When to Expect it

More to the point, buried in the trailer, fans think they may have found a clue as to the game's release date.

Fallout 76 was announced last week with only a brief teaser trailer.

Bethesda knows how to get itself making headlines, and with E3 set to kick off later this week, of course we're all talking about Fallout 76.

That being said, October 27 is a Saturday, so the odds aren't good for October 27 being the game's exact release date.

Pre-order pages for the game are already going live, sporting placeholder date for next year.

I don't know what it is about E3 season that spurs so many goofs. There could be a lot less to discover, or visit, as semi-stable hub-cities like Fallout 3's Megaton or Fallout 4's Diamond City are a long way off being built.

Fallout games aren't known for being delivered in July, but they aren't usually online survival games either.

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Fans of Fallout New Vegas should rejoice: the game will be receiving a prequel title with twelve different endings called Fallout New California this October.

Amazon later changed the date to 31 December 2018, so there's a chance that they accidently revealed the correct date and tried to hide it, but there's also a chance it could just have been a mistake. Those eager to learn exactly what kind of game Fallout 76 is shaping up to be should definitely tune in.

According to Fallout lore, Vault 76 was one of 17 "control vaults" with standardised living conditions - i.e. not subject to social or genetic experimentation - and its community kept safe underground while the Great War obliterated much of the American landscape and population.

Another speculative suggestion is that if, as reported by Kotaku's Jason Schreier, Fallout 76 is a Rust-like experience, it may well be coming in early access form first.

Though some impassioned fan projects have fallen victim to this in the past over slight oversights, the Fallout 4: New Vegas team has been very thorough since day one. Are you excited about the game and will you be buying the game if it is indeed an online game like the rumors are stating it to be. This could be a natural fit for the Fallout IP, due to its traditional scavenging elements, the and Bethesda's efforts to improve its combat system over the years.

A spin-off also allows for an E3 announcement of Bethesda Game Studios next true mega-ton release, be that Starfield or a new Elder Scrolls entry.

However, we are speculating that the release date of Fallout 4 could be either Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.



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