Sleeping in on weekends may extend your life

29 May, 2018, 06:11 | Author: Earnest Bishop
  • A recent study by Brigham and Women's Hospital has confirmed that sleep deprivation negatively impacts your work performance even when you do not feel tired

A new study suggests that sleeping in on your days off can offset a lack of sleep during the work week.

Researchers say you shouldn't feel guilty about catching up on your Z's. The researchers also found that people who slept for eight hours or more every day had a 25% higher mortality rate compared to those who managed six or seven hours a night. However, those of the same age group who slept for a short amount of time during the week and a longer amount of time over the weekend were recorded as having the same mortality rate as those who consistently hit the hay for six or seven hours a night.

There is no clear answer yet on why sleeping on weekends makes a difference. The results show that among people sleeping 5 hours a day, there is a 65% higher mortality rate. Among individuals ≥65 years old, no association between weekend sleep or weekday/weekend sleep durations and mortality was observed.

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A recent study by Brigham and Women's Hospital has confirmed that sleep deprivation negatively impacts your work performance even when you do not feel exhausted. But channeling your inner cat and sleeping too much can be just as bad for your health, studies have found. "Well, you can, but you won't live as long". He was not involved in the new study. Short sleepers slept for less than five hours per night.

This study relied on people to describe their own sleep habits, which can generate a "mish-mosh", in Lauderdale's view, of "accurate and less accurate information".

So when Saturday morning rolls around, go ahead and turn off your alarm clock - it's for your own good. The performance of sleep-deprived individuals was no different among those who reported feeling alert and those who said they felt exhausted.



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