Apple rejects Steam Link iOS app because of "business conflicts"

25 May, 2018, 21:36 | Author: Misty Newman
  • Apple Blocks Valve's New Steam Link App From iOS Release

Apple's reasoning of possible business conflicts seems nebulous when you consider that the Steam app on iOS lets you buy games that you can play on your PC.

Apple is fully focused on selling apps, but allowing Steam Link on to the store means enabling a free app to be used to access thousands of games on a different platform. However, the Steam Database Twitter account has posted that Apple revoked its approval of the app on May 10, just one day after Valve released the news. After initially approving the app on Monday, May 7, Apple changed its mind two days later and rejected it citing "business conflicts".

This prompted Valve to appeal the decision, according to the company, arguing the app "simply functions as a LAN-based remote desktop similar to numerous remote desktop applications already available on the App Store".

The details behind these business conflicts with app guidelines are now unclear since the app is quite similar in core functionality to other apps available on the App Store. Essentially meaning that there is no chance of seeing Steam Link on an Apple device.

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Steam Link is the latest of Valve's efforts to make Steam games accessible outside the usual PC setup. For the time being, Android users can pick up the Steam Link beta on the Google Play Store.

"The Tame Apple Press is insisting that Apple's actions is good because it shows the outfit" is serious about protecting its ability to take a cut of digital purchases made inside games on its mobile devices". "But we hope Apple will reconsider in the future". The Steam Link app is slated to support streaming gameplay at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second; users with particularly powerful PC and mobile hardware as well as a proper wired internet connection could conceivably reach up to 4K streaming at 60 FPS by tweaking the right in-app settings.

Valve spent "many hours" developing Steam Link for iOS, it says, which could well have been completely wasted.



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