Tesla Removed From NTSB Investigation Of Deadly 101 Crash

13 Abril, 2018, 06:32 | Author: Arnold Perez
  • Tesla has declined to say how long drivers can now use Autopilot between visual or audible warnings to have a hand on the wheel

According to a report Wednesday by Reuters, Tesla has now put out requests to suppliers for initial bids on parts for the Tesla Model Y, its high-volume crossover utility meant to be more affordable than the $80,000-and-up Model X.

Autopilot is a semi-autonomous system that handles some driving tasks.

The Californian company released a statement recently claiming that the "only" explanation for 38-year-old Walter Huang's death was that he wasn't paying full attention to the road, and that the auto would have provided multiple warnings to him before the incident. Tesla also shares that Huang had received several visual and one audible hands-on warning earlier in the drive and that his hands were not detected on the wheel for six seconds prior to the collision.

The NTSB said Thursday that it revoked Tesla's status as an official party to its investigation because the vehicle company prematurely released information related to the crash. 'They're claiming that the only way for this accident to have occurred is for Mr Huang to be not paying attention. At the Model 3's launch, Tesla said it hoped to be building 500,000 of the sedans per year, and the company is targeting a similar number for the Model Y.

When asked about the pressure for Tesla to deliver and how many people believe in the company because of Musk himself, Musk responded: "Well, I hope their faith is not misplaced". His family has hired Minami Tamaki to explore legal options, the firm said Wednesday in a statement. NTSB highway investigators have been in contact with Tesla technical staff, he added.

Tesla argues the safest thing to do is make whatever it knows public as soon as possible.

Walter Huang, 38, died on March 23 whereas driving Tesla's Model X SUV in Northern California. The driver's supposed to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, to monitor the fallible system.

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A few weeks removed from the accident, there's now word that Huang's family is gearing up to sue Tesla. While it sounds like the family is gearing up to sue, Fong said he doesn't expect to file a lawsuit until after the National Transportation Safety Board is fully done with its investigation.

"There is nothing in the party agreement that prevents a company from enacting swift and effective measures to counter a threat to public safety", said Sumwalt. "It's not the first time Tesla has taken this stance".

At the time, the NTSB said that "operational limits" such as Tesla being unable to ensure that drivers are paying attention when a vehicle travels at high speed played a major role in the 2016 fatal crash. The U.S. agency is in the midst of two active investigations into Autopilot-related crashes.

The NTSB, normally tasked with investigating aviation crashes, also looked into that crash. The automaker noted that Tesla vehicles with Autopilot engaged had driven through the same area hundreds of times before without incident.

After the 2016 fatal crash involving a Model S driver, Tesla modified Autopilot to improve sensors and also increased the frequency of warnings to drivers who didn't have their hands on the wheel.

NTSB said its "thorough" investigations "generally" take 12 to 24 months and that Tesla was still in party agreements with the agency for investigations into two previous accidents: one involving a Model X in August 2017 in Lake Forest, California, and one with a Model S in January 2018 near Culver City, California.


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