President Trump blames state of DACA on Democrats

05 Abril, 2018, 03:38 | Author: Misty Newman
  • Trump kicked off Easter with an aggressive tone against immigrants pouring into the U.S

"We will be doing things with Mexico, and they have to do it, otherwise I'm not going to do with the NAFTA deal", Trump said.

"We are going to be guarding our border with our military".

"He's calling it a "big step".

"We can not have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing, and by the way, never showing up for court", the U.S. president added. And his predecessor, Republican George W. Bush, deployed 6,000 troops to help build gates and highways between 2006 and 2008. Perry is now Trump's energy secretary.

"I just don't understand where the rumor circulates that Republicans want to deport these 800,000 DACA individuals". Conservative media outlets have has focused on the caravan in recent days.

The president on Monday blamed Democrats for weak immigration policy and called on Congress to act, tweeting that "our country is being stolen".

Late Monday, Mexican immigration officials started to negotiate with the caravan's organizers. You also had to be enrolled in high school and be younger than 16 when you came to the U.S. Congress is in a two-week recess.

He lamented what he called "horrible" US laws that left the southern border poorly protected.

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Since the country has become "overburdened" with illegal immigrants, Mendoza said the Trump administration should also look to reduce legal immigration. Caravans are heading here.

Trump accused Obama of having left virtually open border for all-when deportations were shot during Democrat's administration-and claimed that laws would be hardened at level of Mexico or Canada.

Officials in Mexico have since intervened to halt the caravan, suggesting that some of the migrants could obtain humanitarian visas to remain there while others would have to return to their home country.

Mr Trump announced a year ago he was ending the programme protecting "Dreamers", but the Department of Homeland Security is continuing to issue renewals because of a court order. Undocumented immigrants are only eligible for protection if they were in the USA and under age 31 in June 2012. The other day, he was complaining that, thanks to the Democratic Party's filibuster in which they're trying to save the rights of "dreamer" immigrants and secure a DACA deal, the agents in charge of border patrol can't do their jobs properly.

Meanwhile, following a series of failed negotiations with Democrats and some Republicans in Congress, Trump has been fuming over the refusal of lawmakers to fully fund a $25 billion wall he wants to build on the U.S.

In face of this blockade, president has proposed to use budgets of armed forces alleging a security problem.

The populist genius Trump instinctively knew that what people wanted in their Easter baskets was not more jellybeans, but more "Nuclear Option" and "NAFTA" rhetoric.

According to certain news reports, when this group of people got to Mexico, they faced some tough decisions, since word had gotten out about them, the USA military were on there way to stop them, and their story was all over Fox News.


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