Mark confirms Facebook collects users data even when they are offline!

20 Abril, 2018, 02:19 | Author: Misty Newman
  • Mark confirms Facebook collects users data even when they are offline!

Critics said that Zuckerberg has not said enough about the extent and use of the data.

Facebook requires outside sites that use its tracking technologies to clearly notify users, and it allows Facebook users to opt out of seeing ads based on their use of those apps and websites.

The active section has the list of apps and websites that are now using your some Facebook data. We need to know that when Americans sign up for Facebook, other social media platforms, or use online tools, it's easy for them to understand exactly how the information they put online will be used and shared.

Despite being used by many legitimate companies, the process has also become a vehicle for scams.

Facebook sent notices alerting users of its new face recognition uses and said it provides a page where they can turn the feature off. ".when you see a YouTube video on a site that's not YouTube, it tells your browser to request the video from YouTube". "There are basic things you can do to limit the use of this information for advertising, like using browser or device settings to delete cookies". But once I saw all that stuff, it's kind of like - you know Neo in "The Matrix", once he gets shot and he reawakens, like, he has a rebirth moment and he sees all of the green lines of code everywhere.

So, what does Facebook do with data it receives from other websites and apps? He went further to promise that Facebook was conducting a full investigation into every app that has access to user's information from the platform.

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It's hard to get out of Facebook's reach and a blog post by Facebook's product management director David Baser reiterates this in many ways.

During his testimony, Zuckerberg responded to a question asked by U.S. representative that his company tracks the data of non-Facebook users for security purposes. We teamed up with the Senate Judiciary Committee to host a joint hearing that featured almost half of the U.S. Senate and examined a significant breach of trust between Facebook and its users, one that led to the information of 87 million users being obtained by Cambridge Analytica. If someone tries to log into your account using an IP address from a different country, we might ask some questions to verify it's you.

Baser said ad preferences can also be set to prevent specific advertisers from showing ads on Facebook. "If you've looked at travel sites, we can show you ads for hotels and rental cars", he said.

In one of our recent articles related to Facebook, we covered that the social media giant has been facing a lot of trouble after the Cambridge Analytica's data breach has been reported.

The coin's development was reportedly helmed by Alexander Nix, the British research firm's chief executive and one of the figures at the center of the Facebook data scandal.



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