Fortnite Guided Missiles Have Been Removed; Future Changes To Weapon Swapping Outlined

19 Abril, 2018, 00:56 | Author: Misty Newman
  • Epic Games

Epic Games has to find the ideal balance for the item before it can work well in the game. The confirmation of its existence by dataminers and the addition of telescopes by Epic Games to the phenomenally popular action-shooter have only added to the buzz as of late.

As of writing, it is unknown if Tilted Towers will survive the update, or if Epic Games have been playing into the possibility for fun. You can see some of the meteor shower footage in our previous coverage here, but to say fans are excited would be a massive understatement. The average daily player spending in the game topped $1 million worldwide on Apple's store and Fortnite has been second only to Netflix in terms of the amount US iPhone users have spent in it so far this month.

If Tilted Towers is hit by a meteor, players are split on what the outcome will be.

Epic Games has remained secretive of its plans for season 4 and as it's now only a couple of weeks away, the meteor could be a big part of next season.

On consoles controller vibrations in Morse Code point to the destruction of Tilted Towers with April 18th as a date of destruction.

Reddit user Dylan_0202
Reddit user Dylan_0202

Within "Fortnite", time is measured in "Battle Royale Seasons", which last about three months.

"Fortnite Battle Royale" is the hottest game in the world right now. It's what most devs would do for most games. But, there were also many complaints that the guided missile was overpowered.

It's possible that knowing their challenges are leaking ahead of time that Epic Games are performing an elaborate bait and switch, with the Taco Shop challenge acting as a sort of placeholder for another challenge that's being kept secret until the day of release.

In fact, we're willing to take things one step further to suggest Battle Royale might be a canonical prequel to the terrifying events of Save The World. Battle Royale modes, where gamers fight to the death until only one player survives to take home the chicken dinner are incredibly popular on traditional consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

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