Facebook Bookmarks Menu Revamped to Help Find Privacy Settings More Easily

17 Abril, 2018, 10:33 | Author: Arnold Perez
  • Cardboard cutouts of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stand outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington as he testified before a Senate panel last week

Many people know that Facebook is the brainchild and the child of the Central Intelligence Agency; it has cooperated very narrowly with the Central Intelligence Agency as we have learned from the disclosures of Edward Snowden, and it has also been very close to the NSA, which is another spy organization in the U.S., and these matters are not touched upon. The updates will be rolled out globally over the next two weeks.

If you think Facebook is bad in mining your data in the manner described above, try Google.

According to Tech Crunch, the changes are focused on centralising a variety of controls that were previously located in other places. The recent most Facebook scandal involves a quiz app snooping personal data of over 80 million FB users without their consent.

The Facebook founder and CEO claimed not to be familiar with them, and although it's not a term Facebook uses officially, it's also hard to believe Zuckerberg has never heard of the most widely used name for these occult files.

The active section has the list of apps and websites that are now using your some Facebook data.

Baser said Facebook collects information including your computer's IP address, the type of browser you're using to access the internet, the software your computer runs (Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, etc.), and other material.

Earlier this week, the company announced the launch of the Data Abuse Bounty to reward Facebook users who report any misuse of data by app developers. We use the data that people put into the system in order to make them more relevant. Those who were affected were supposed to receive detailed messages Facebook starting on Monday; however, it is unknown whether or not this has actually happened yet.

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Facebook is quick to note that when users sign up for an account, they must agree to the company's data policy.

Castor had a lengthy exchange with Zuckerberg about Facebook collecting everyone's data, including people who don't have Facebook.

"Congresswoman, I don't remember if we had a financial penalty", Zuckerberg said under questioning by U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., on Wednesday.

When asked by Representative Frank Pallone Jr. whether he would change "all the user default settings to minimise, to the greatest extent possible, the collection and use of users' data?", Zuckerberg responded, "Congressman, this is a complex issue that I think is - deserves more than a one-word answer".

Did you know that Facebook knows you more than your friend, family member or spouse?

However, for those who are - the future could go one of three ways: join the #DeleteFacebook movement, watch what you're sharing and be very careful "granting permissions" to apps and software - whether on your phone or otherwise, or just make sure you're paying for the services you're consuming. Another way to say that is, there was nothing done wrongly at all and every user accepted that their contacts and data would be harvested.



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