Nvidia Is the Latest to Suspend Self-Driving Car Tests

28 Marcha, 2018, 02:17 | Author: Misty Newman
  • Nvidia Is the Latest to Suspend Self-Driving Car Tests

One of the servers in Nvidia's new Drive Constellation Simulation System, powered by the company's GPUs, runs Nvidia-developed Drive Sim software, which simulates cameras, LIDAR, RADAR - sensors a self-driving auto uses to observe its physical environment. He added that NVIDIA was dedicating itself to improving safety calling it "the grandest of computer problems".

With the Quadro GV100 GPU, complex 3D scenes, high-poly models and high-resolution textures are able to perform smoothly at full refresh rates on the VRHero 5K Plus head-mounted display (HMD), which features 5K resolution and full 24bit RGB colors, together with the unique custom-built optics and 170º FOV.

Simulation has helped give Waymo a wide lead over established automakers and other startups. Autonomous-driving companies have also been using simulators built for gaming to train their algorithms. The first server powers the Nvidia DRIVE Sim, a software set that emulates a self-driving car's various sensors, including its cameras, lidar and radar. Driving commands are fed back into the simulator, creating a feedback loop that can be used to validate algorithms.

"With DRIVE Constellation, we've accomplished that by combining our expertise in visual computing and data centers". We are temporarily suspending the testing of our self-driving cars on public roads to learn from the Uber incident. It can simulate a rainstorm, or bright sunlight at different times of the day, or complete darkness. He didn't mention, however, that the company was suspending its self-driving tests.

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"Autonomous vehicles need to be developed with a system that covers training to testing to driving." siad Luca De Ambroggi, research and analyst at IHS Markit. Earlier today, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey suspended Uber's ability to test and operate self-driving cars on public roads in the state.

Huang said DRIVE Constellation with be available in the third quarter of this year.

Nvidia announced in January that Uber had selected Nvidia technology to power its self-driving vehicle AI, though Nvidia computing tech was already present in Uber's first fleet of Volvo XC90 SUVs.



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