Steve Bannon reportedly thinks The Rock's career is "ruined" for supporting Oprah

15 Febrero, 2018, 05:21 | Author: Gregg Anderson
  • Bannon Reportedly Considered Running For President in Case of Trump Impeachment

As pictures circulated of Porter's first wife, Colbie Holderness, with a black eye she says he inflicted, Porter resigned and the focus of the White House's defense efforts shifted to Kelly, who had known about Porter's marital problems because they'd prevented the staff secretary from getting a permanent security clearance.

In the book, Bannon lashed out at Trump's family, including daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

A source close to Bannon told CNN in response the Vanity Fair piece: 'Steve Bannon is 100% not running for president'. "This" - the Golden Globe Awards [including Oprah's speech - see it below] - 'is a definitional moment in the culture.

The book also states that Bannon saw Oprah Winfrey as a threat, saying the time has come and women "are gonna take charge of society".

Trump had supported appointed-Republican Sen. This was after he was denounced by Trump over Wolff's book and just before he would be forced to resign as executive chairman of Breitbart News. In such a scenario, who better to succeed Trump than the man who got him elected?

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While #MeToo was sparked on social media by reporting on alleged sexual misconduct by producer Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men in entertainment, the anger fueling the movement no doubt goes back to the election of Donald Trump, various observers have said. 'The anti-patriarchy movement is going to undo ten thousand years of recorded history, ' he said. "It'll never be the same going forward". "As somebody who works on the ground with this movement every day, it's unquestionably the case that a majority of Democratic political volunteers are women-as are numerous new candidates".

Steve Bannon doesn't seem to be biting his tongue much these days, especially when it comes to his exit from the White House.

While in the White House, Bannon told Wolff that a June 2016 meeting the president's son, Don.

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon considered endorsing Janet Yellen for a second term as Federal Reserve chair but instead kept quiet as President Donald Trump passed her over in favor of fellow Republican Jerome Powell. "And right now, Oprah was winning".



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