Sessions' call for marijuana enforcement condemned by cannabis industry, investors

14 Enero, 2018, 02:08 | Author: Kelly Blake
  • Sessions' call for marijuana enforcement condemned by cannabis industry, investors

There are federal laws against marijuana cultivation, possession and distribution, but under the Obama administration prosecutors were instructed to adopt a hands-off approach in states where medical pot had been legalized.

The state Department of Finance expects Californians to purchase almost 1 million pounds of marijuana over the first full budget year of legalization, between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. I urge Senators McCain and Flake in the strongest possible manner to support legislation making cannabis legal, at least for medical reasons, under federal law.

"Given the Department's well-established general principles, previous nationwide guidance specific to marijuana enforcement is unnecessary and is rescinded, effective immediately", Sessions said.

The new federal enforcement policy will create even more ambiguity in potential law enforcement concerns for those businesses - as well as for those individuals who depend on the use of this product to have a better quality of life.

What Sessions hopes to accomplish remains unclear. Six pot shops confirmed they were selling recreational marijuana Saturday after receiving their state licenses the day before.

To that, U.S. Rep. Tom Garrett of Virginia said, "Challenge accepted".

Phones ringing off the hook, higher need for more employees and a necessity for security are all major realities for new shops selling California marijuana to people who once needed a medical card or a dealer.

Sessions reversed an Obama-era policy not to prosecute marijuana cases.

The federal government needs to endorse the medical marijuana industry to further important research and make it available to patients who are not responding to synthetic medications or other treatments.

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There may be a "Trump effect" (or, more accurately, a "Sessions effect") on Republican numbers there.

Under the Cole and Ogden memos, legal cannabis markets flourished in places like Seattle, where pot shops outnumber locations of the city's famous hometown Starbucks coffee chain, and Denver, where dispensaries out number Starbucks two to one.

At the same time, people suffering from a variety of ailments ranging from glaucoma to social anxiety can, with a physician's recommendation, procure marijuana to alleviate their symptoms in states that allow it.

Most of Seattle-based Privateer's $150 million in investments are in companies based outside the United States, and Moen conceded that Sessions' action Thursday would keep it that way for the short term because of regulatory uncertainty in the United States.

In 2016, Long Beach voters passed two local measures that together regulate and tax marijuana businesses, and past year, the City started issuing business licenses to medical-marijuana dispensaries as owners completed a rigorous application process. In Fresno, Riverside, Anaheim, Bakersfield and Kern County, marijuana shops are prohibited from opening and Long Beach now has a temporary ban on retail sales of California marijuana. "I will continue to make this clear to the (Trump) Administration".

"Because we have a very robust market in California, nearly everyone knows someone down the street where the cost of cannabis is considerably lower, " he said.

Williams said in his article he will be inviting law enforcement officials, public health organizations, OR marijuana-industry players and other groups to a "summit" aimed at addressing his concerns.

The unspoken reality, of course, is that Congress is the legislative branch of government and at any time any member could easily introduce a bill to repeal the federal marijuana law. Before charting a path forward for the enforcement of marijuana in OR, we must see how the state mitigates the public safety and health issues raised here. The issue of driving while under the influence of marijuana, I think, is one that is going through the laboratories of the states. Sessions used to be a champion of states' rights.



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