German police retrieve 100 stolen John Lennon items

23 Noviembre, 2017, 00:04 | Author: Noe Obregon
  • Diaries of John Lennon from the years 1975 1979 and 1980 are displayed at police headquarters in Berlin after German police arrested a man suspected of handling stolen objects from Lennon's

Items which belonged to the late John Lennon including diaries and his iconic round-framed glasses were found in Germany recently as they were stolen almost eleven years ago.

Berlin police spokesman Winfrid Wenzel on Tuesday called the recovery of the trove of about 100 John Lennon items a "great success" for the music world and also for Lennon's widow Yoko Ono. The administrator had found the memorabilia in the company's storage. The Associated Press reported that the 58-year-old suspect was arrested yesterday and the other man to be indicted is now living in Turkey and won't be extradited to Germany because of worldwide law.

Ono identified the objects from photos she was shown at the German consulate in New York, German media reported. "She was very emotional and we noticed clearly how much these things mean to her and how happy she would be to have them back", prosecutor Susann Wettley told the AP. He has a previous conviction in NY related to the stolen items, she said. On Monday 19 November, they arrested a 58-year-old German businessman of Turkish origin, after they found some of Lennon's belongings in a briefcase hidden under the spare tire in the boot of one of his cars. Neither suspects name was released because of German privacy rules.

Glasses from John Lennon the left one with a recipe by optometrist Gary Tracy. The items were stolen from Lennon's widow Yoko Ono in New York in 2006
John Lennon's stolen diaries found by Berlin police

There are also three of Lennon's leather-bound diaries, from 1975, 1979 and 1980.

One of the diaries recovered was Lennon's last diary that ended on the day he was shot and killed in NY on 8 December, 1980. In a report from Reuters, the items were stolen from Ono's former driver and taken to Turkey where they made their way to Berlin in either 2013 or 2014.

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